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Pavé Tiny Huggies in Gold

US $53.00

The ultimate basic huggies, with an extra spark. Those tiny hoops dazzled up with white cubic zirconias are ready to be layered, stacked and combined with other earrings. These pieces are perfect for special occasions, but can also be worn on a daily basis.

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Pavé Ring in GoldPavé Ring in Gold
US $101.00

We are all about sparks — more sparks! This band features three rows of delicate cubic zirconia that will make you flamboyant.

Pavé Coffee Bean Ring in GoldPavé Coffee Bean Ring in Gold
US $101.00

Inspired by our best-selling bracelet, we present this brand new ring with an anchor link design. Paved with white cubic zirconias, this piece will differentiate you from the masses.


14K Gold Plated

Elegantly composed of Sterling Silver with a 14K Gold Plating.


Hoop diameter: 12 mm
Inner hoop diameter: 9 mm

About Treasure Box

We're Treasure Box, the sister brand of GELCARE. We've been dedicated to designing beautiful, sustainable jewelry made locally in Montreal for over eight years.

Craftsmanship is essential to us, and we're committed to supporting our talented local artisans while offering high-quality designs that won't break the bank.

Jewelry Care Guide

The Art of Caring. Ensuring Your Treasure Box Pieces Remain Timeless

1.  Protect Your Sparkle

Be cautious when applying cosmetics and perfumes to ensure your jewelry continues to shine brightly. It's also wise to avoid exposing your pieces to household chemicals. Over time, residues can tarnish the appearance of both sterling silver and gold-plated items, diminishing their lustre.

2.  Preserving the Finish

We strongly advise removing your jewelry when exposed to water, soap, or hand sanitizer gel—whether it's during a shower, swimming, or engaging in physical activities and workouts. This preventive measure helps maintain the integrity of the gold plating, keeping your pieces in pristine condition.

3.  Cleaning Routine

Maintaining the pristine condition of your jewelry requires a gentle touch. Clean your silver and gold-plated pieces with the dedicated Cleaning Cloth, designed for safe and effective care. A soft rub for a few seconds is all it takes to revive the original sparkle of your cherished items without causing harm.

4.  Safeguarding Your Pieces

Proper storage is key to preserving the beauty of your jewelry. When not adorning your jewelry, store it in your dedicated Treasure Box Pouch. This protective measure prevents oxidation, ensuring your jewelry remains radiant and free from material degradation over time.