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Your Journey Starts Now. Become Your Own Nail Artist.

Our Manicure Starter Kit packs all the essentials to make your own gel nails at home. Create endless manicures for what you'd spend on four salon appointments.

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Sold OutGelcare Starter KitGelcare Starter KitGelcare Starter Kit
US $210.00

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Transport yourself to the sun-drenched shores and electric energy of the Mediterranean's crown jewel with our SS24 Collection.

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Carefully curated to include everything you need to begin your nail journey. Featuring a range of must-have colours, this sets the stage for endless creativity.

Gel Colours Shop Essentials RestockedRose WaterRose Water
Rose WaterUS $20.00
TimelessRose BB CreamRose BB Cream
Rose BB CreamUS $20.00
RestockedTimelessCoconut MilkCoconut Milk
Coconut MilkUS $20.00
RestockedTimelessRosehip OilRosehip Oil
Rosehip OilUS $20.00
Lavender BB CreamLavender BB Cream
Lavender BB CreamUS $20.00
TimelessNude BB CreamNude BB Cream
Nude BB CreamUS $20.00
RestockedApricot OilApricot Oil
Apricot OilUS $20.00
NylonUS $20.00


We provide beauty lovers with a new way to do their nails and explore their inner artist.

We are storytellers of hues. Discover our edited library of colours to suit every mood, event and skin tone. Our famous BB creams are designed to highlight the natural beauty of one's nails, while our more pigmented shades are designed for streak-free and easy application. Our best-selling oil shades provide a dewy, subtle pop of colour for those looking for a sheer look.

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Handcrafted Jelwery

Discover Treasure Box

We're GELCARE's sister brand, proudly rooted in Montreal. For the past eight years, we've been on a mission to blend timeless beauty with local craftsmanship, creating jewelry that’s accessible and elegant.

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Best Sellers

Iconic, coveted, timeless. The jewelry pieces that have captured our hearts.

Jewelry Shop Best Sellers Sold OutBaby Chunky Hoops in GoldBaby Chunky Hoops in GoldBaby Chunky Hoops in GoldUS $40.00Trio Ring in SilverTrio Ring in SilverTrio Ring in SilverUS $76.00Trio Ring in GoldTrio Ring in GoldTrio Ring in GoldUS $84.00Baguette Pendant in GoldBaguette Pendant in GoldBaguette Pendant in GoldUS $147.00Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in SilverFreshwater Pearl Bracelet in SilverFreshwater Pearl Bracelet in SilverUS $48.00Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in GoldFreshwater Pearl Bracelet in GoldFreshwater Pearl Bracelet in GoldUS $56.0090's Hoops in Silver90's Hoops in Silver
90's Hoops in SilverUS $88.00
90's Hoops in Gold90's Hoops in Gold
90's Hoops in GoldUS $96.00