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Pedicure Kit

US $46.00

After an intensive two-year development, we proudly introduce our latest product: the ultimate Pedicure Kit that will revolutionize your foot care routine. 

Experience the joy of having baby-soft feet. This five-piece pedicure kit includes our essentials for perfect at-home pedicures.

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Gelcare Starter KitGelcare Starter Kit
US $210.00

Our Manicure Starter Kit packs all the essentials to make your own gel nails at home. Create endless manicures for what you'd spend on four salon appointments. Complete your set by selecting shades that speak to you, and you're all set.

Nail Scrubber BrushNail Scrubber Brush
US $18.00

This handmade solid acetate nail scrubbing brush thoroughly cleans both nails and cuticles. Removing any microparticles helps ensure your nails are perfectly prepped for gel application.

Cuticle OilCuticle Oil
US $18.00

This 100% naturally derived oil hydrates, purifies and fortifies the nail matrix. Formulated to visibly reduce dryness around the cuticle area and protect the nails from external aggressors. Scented with a mix of floral and herbaceous essential oils.


Gluten-FreeNon-GMONot Tested on AnimalsDesigned and assembled in Quebec, Canada

What's in the kit?

What's in the kit?

Callus Softener Solution

Callus Softener Solution

This natural callus softener combines alpha hydroxy acids and urea, a powerful hydrating agent, to effectively remove calluses and dead skin from feet for smooth and baby-soft results. Our advanced formula penetrates deep into the skin to break down tough calluses, making them easy to remove without harsh scrubbing or scraping. Transform your fe...

Callus Exfoliating Refill Pads

Callus Exfoliating Refill Pads

These micro-fine pads work with the Pedicure Handle and Callus Softener Solution to gently remove calluses and dead skin from feet, for smooth and baby-soft results. The ultra-fine grain of these pads will not stimulate the regrowth of calluses, allowing for easy maintenance and continually improved results. Refills last for 5 to 10 pedicures. T...

Foot File

Toe Separators

Toe Separators

Made of soft, easy-to-clean silicone, these reusable Toe Separators ensure easier gel application and curing. With each toe comfortably separated, you can elevate your pedicure experience to new levels of comfort and efficiency.

Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper

These meticulously crafted stainless steel nail clippers are designed for precise nail clipping. The flat end makes it easier to cut larger nails such as toes, which preps the nails best for precise shaping with a Curved File.


Learn How to Get Countless At-Home Pedicures

Explore our step-by-step video tutorial below for visual guidance, or enhance your skillset by downloading our comprehensive instruction guide.

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The Gelcare Pedicure Steps. Experience the joy of having baby-soft feet.

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1.  Prep your feet

Ideally, start the routine after a bath or shower so your feet are clean.

2.  Apply callus softener solution

Spray Gelcare Callus Softener Solution over callused areas at approximately 10 cm distance from the area. Allow the product to penetrate for 1-2 minutes.

3.  Prep your pedicure handle

Unstick one Gelcare Exfoliating Pad and place it on the smooth side of the Gelcare Pedicure Handle.

4.  File your calluses

Using a back-and-forth motion, gently glide the Gelcare Exfoliating Pad over the callused areas. Continue filing until the skin begins to ball up and fall off. Apply as much pressure as you deem fit to achieve the level of exfoliation you desire.

The Gelcare Exfoliating Pads can also be used on hand calluses and in or around toes.

5.  Clean your pedicure handle

Unstick the pad and discard it after use. Wash the handle with a scrubber brush, soap and water.

6.  Rinse your feet

Rinse your feet using either a damp towel or bath faucet and finish by applying moisturizer.