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Cuticle Oil

US $18.00

This 100% naturally derived oil hydrates, purifies and fortifies the nail matrix. Formulated to visibly reduce dryness around the cuticle area and protect the nails from external aggressors. Scented with a mix of floral and herbaceous essential oils.

Best used with

Gelcare Starter KitGelcare Starter Kit
US $210.00

Our Manicure Starter Kit packs all the essentials to make your own gel nails at home. Create endless manicures for what you'd spend on four salon appointments. Complete your set by selecting shades that speak to you, and you're all set.

Base CoatBase Coat
US $20.00

This base coat has been specially formulated to limit allergic reactions caused when the gel comes into regular contact with the skin. This gel does not contain HEMA, one of the main ingredients that causes allergic reactions to gel polish.

Top CoatTop Coat
US $20.00

An ultra-glossy top coat that seals your manicure. We recommend curing the Top Coat for 3 minutes for maximum shine. This Top Coat is designed to help level your artwork and create a smooth final surface.

About Gelcare

We're the brand that allows you to become your own nail artist. Redefining the industry with at-home use, we put education first and provide innovative colours comprised of best-in-class formulas.

Our mission is to elevate the at-home experiences, focusing on providing beauty lovers with a refined approach to nail care. Through Gelcare, our goal is to pass along our nail expertise to you.