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Double Liner Brush

US $18.00

The creative possibilities are endless with this double-sided brush. Use the 5 mm side for precise, detailed work and the 20 mm side for long, fluid abstract designs or thin French manicures.

Brush features two secure caps to prevent damage to bristles and allow for easy transport.

Best used with

Gel Removal SolutionGel Removal Solution
US $15.00

This hydrating gel remover effectively removes gel polish while simultaneously nourishing cuticles and nail beds. Formulated with a moisture-rich blend of glycerine, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E. Removal experience is enhanced by the soft smell of jasmine, lemon and amber.

Gel Touch-Up PadsGel Touch-Up Pads
US $5.00

These touch-up pads are made of a pressed, lint-free mesh. Use them to touch up or remove any uncured gel nail polish. Guaranteed to not leave any fuzz behind. 150 pads per box.

Round BrushRound Brush
US $18.00

The go-to brush for every blossoming nail artist — a must-have for those looking to clean up and level up. This multi-functional brush can be used for everything from cleaning up stray polish to creating nail art. Brush features two secure caps to prevent damage to bristles and allow for easy transport.

Care instructions

To clean the brush, pour a small amount of Gel Removal Solution on a Gel Touch-Up Pad and wipe bristles downwards. Be extra careful when putting on the cap not to bend your bristles. To reshape the bristles, use a small amount of liquid soap, lightly shape them back into a point, and let them dry.

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