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Gelcare Pro LED Nail Lamp

US $275.00


Our 64W LED Pro Lamp is specially designed to provide a high gloss finish to your manicure. Features a durable metal shell for long-lasting use. Say goodbye to tangled cords on your station; this lamp is wireless and rechargeable.


Wireless and rechargeable

Hand-sensor activation

4 timer and memory options (30, 45, 60 and 90 seconds)

Adjustable for pedicure use

Mirror finish interior for even light distribution

Best used with

Glamcor x GELCARE Reveal LightGlamcor x GELCARE Reveal Light
US $185.00

Create your finest creations. This portable LED lamp with a table clamp offers five dimming levels and a flexible arm for easy maneuverability. It provides optimal light using minimal space. Its compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel and at home.

Large Toyo Steel ToolboxLarge Toyo Steel Toolbox
US $120.00

A Gelcare X Toyo Steel Co. collaboration. The ultimate storage box for your small manicure tools. This minimalist, durable, rugged, yet beautiful toolbox is made in Japan and has been awarded both the Good Design Award and the Long Life Design Award. The cantilever design makes finding anything inside clean and oh-so-easy. Guaranteed not to rust.

Heating MittensHeating Mittens
US $58.00

Introducing our new Heating Mittens, the ultimate tool for easy and healthy gel removal. Now exclusively designed by GELCARE with enhanced comfort and durability, these mittens are crafted from soft, silky smooth polyvinyl. Experience effortless temperature control with three heat settings and a safe auto-shutoff feature.


1-year warrantyLi-ion rechargeable battery365 nm & 405 UV LED light source30, 60, 120 seconds curing timer100-240V AC adaptor64 wattsDesigned in Canada, Made in China

About Gelcare

We're the brand that allows you to become your own nail artist. Redefining the industry with at-home use, we put education first and provide innovative colours comprised of best-in-class formulas.

Our mission is to elevate the at-home experiences, focusing on providing beauty lovers with a refined approach to nail care. Through Gelcare, our goal is to pass along our nail expertise to you.

One Year Warranty

GELCARE offers a one (1) year unlimited, unconditional warranty for manufacturer's defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service.


For more detailed instructions on how to use Gelcare products, check out our dedicated Instructions Page.

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1.  Push your Cuticles Back

Apply Cuticle Softener to the cuticles. This enzymatic solution softens the skin around the nails to facilitate a gentler and deeper clean. Push the cuticle back using the arched end of the Gel Removal Tool.

2.  Double Cleanse Your Cuticles

This step is unique to the Gelcare technique. With the bladed end of your Gel Removal Tool, use small circular motions to dislodge any dry skin stuck under the cuticles. If needed, add more Cuticle Softener to the nails to help loosen the skin further when executing this step.

3.  Buff Your Nails

Buffing not only smoothes the nail surface, it allows for better Base Coat adhesion by creating a subtle texture on the surface of the nails.

4.  File Your Nails

Using the more abrasive side (100) of the Curved Nail File, we want to file the excess skin on the sides of the nails first, which often causes the gel to lift. To do this, sit file in the crease of the lateral fold and file gently. Apply pressure towards the side of the nail and not downwards, which can cause paper cuts.

5.  Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water. Using the Nail Scrubber Brush, scrub over and under your nails. Washing your hands also prepares the skin for the next step: cuticle trimming. When the skin is damp, the cuticles soften and become translucent, making them easier to trim.

6.  Trim Your Cuticles

If necessary, trim off excess cuticles with the Cuticle Nipper. Make sure to always look between the blades so you know exactly where you are about to cut. For a clean trim, use the tip of the blades and gently cut the cuticle in one long piece. If cutting your cuticles scares you, skip this step!

7.  Apply the Base Coat

On one nail at a time, apply an even layer of Base Coat and immediately set your application by curing the gel under the LED Lamp for 5 seconds. If you do not set the gel, the application will not be as precise.

Once the base is applied and set on all nails, cure for 60 seconds under the LED Lamp. Ensure you slide your hand all the way into the lamp and that your middle finger reaches the embossed trackpad.

8.  Apply the Colour

Apply 3 thin layers of colour. Cure each layer for 60 seconds under the LED Lamp.

Make sure to work with only a small amount of gel on your brush for a flawless application. Use the sides of the bottleneck to wipe off any excess gel. Start by applying the colour to the centre of the nail. Slide the gel up towards the cuticles without touching them. With long and fluid strokes, glide the gel down the sides of the nail to the tip.

9.  Apply the Top Coat

Apply a layer of Top Coat. Cure for 3 minutes under the LED Lamp.


Become Your Own Nail Artist

Explore our step-by-step video tutorial below for visual guidance, or enhance your skillset by downloading our comprehensive manicure instruction booklet.

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