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Gelcare Pro Starter Kit

US $365.00
Our Manicure Pro Starter Kit is specially designed for the aficionado who demands more than just the basics. This kit elevates your at-home gel manicure experience with advanced tools that bridge the gap between DIY ease and salon-level precision. Complete your set by selecting shades that speak to you, and you're all set.

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Heating MittensHeating Mittens
US $58.00

Introducing our new Heating Mittens, the ultimate tool for easy and healthy gel removal. Now exclusively designed by GELCARE with enhanced comfort and durability, these mittens are crafted from soft, silky smooth polyvinyl. Experience effortless temperature control with three heat settings and a safe auto-shutoff feature.

Aluminum FoilAluminum Foil
US $10.00

This high-quality rip-proof foil is designed to make your life easier, as we all know that removal is our least favourite part of becoming your own nail artist. Simply cut, wrap and you are good to go.

Glamcor x GELCARE Reveal LightGlamcor x GELCARE Reveal Light
US $185.00

Create your finest creations. This portable LED lamp with a table clamp offers five dimming levels and a flexible arm for easy maneuverability. It provides optimal light using minimal space. Its compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for travel and at home.


Gluten-FreeNon-GMONot Tested on AnimalsDesigned and assembled in Quebec, Canada

What's in the kit?

What's in the kit?

Gelcare Pro LED Nail Lamp

Gelcare Pro LED Nail Lamp

DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE Our 64W LED Pro Lamp is specially designed to provide a high gloss finish to your manicure. Features a durable metal shell for long-lasting use. Say goodbye to tangled cords on your station; this lamp is wireless and rechargeable.

Pro Base Coat

Pro Base Coat

This gel has been specially formulated for easy removal to help preserve the integrity of the nails after repeated use—it literally lifts off on its own. The honey-like consistency of this gel also allows the user to easily correct unevenness when sculpting the arch of the nail.

Top Coat

Top Coat

An ultra-glossy top coat that seals your manicure. We recommend curing the Top Coat for 3 minutes for maximum shine. This Top Coat is designed to help level your artwork and create a smooth final surface.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

This 100% naturally derived oil hydrates, purifies and fortifies the nail matrix. Formulated to visibly reduce dryness around the cuticle area and protect the nails from external aggressors. Scented with a mix of floral and herbaceous essential oils.

Cuticle Softener

Cuticle Softener

This natural cuticle softener combines alpha hydroxy acids and hydrating agents to effectively soften dry, stubborn skin around the nail and facilitate nail prep. Cleansing experience is enhanced by the scent of fresh laundry. Sulfate & paraben free.

Gel Removal Pads

Gel Removal Pads

These removal pads are made of 100% triple-layered cotton and uniquely manufactured to make the removal of gel nail polish both easier and safer. 100 pads per box.

Gel Touch-Up Pads

Gel Touch-Up Pads

These touch-up pads are made of a pressed, lint-free mesh. Use them to touch up or remove any uncured gel nail polish. Guaranteed to not leave any fuzz behind. 150 pads per box.

Gel Removal Tool

Gel Removal Tool

This doubled ended tool is a must have for both gel removal and cuticle cleaning. Features a bladed scraper, scooped cuticle pusher and non-slip grooved handle.

Hook Tool

Hook Tool

This hook tool is designed to clean under and around the nail and correct imperfect gel application. It also features a cuticle pusher and a non-slip grooved handle.

Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Nipper

These stainless steel nippers are designed for precise cuticle cutting and maximum control. The double spring handle provides even tension to give you the highest possible comfort and grip.

Curved File

Curved File

This 100/180 grit curved file features a cushioned core that glides smoothly over nails for added filing comfort. Doubled side for multi-functional use - the only file you need to become your own nail artist.

Buffing Block

Buffing Block

A question we get asked a lot is why do we buff? Buffing not only smoothes the nail surface, it allows for better Base Coat adhesion by creating a subtle texture on the surface of the nails. This buffing block features 3 gritted sides and a bouncy foam core so you can buff at your best.


Become Your Own Nail Artist

Explore our step-by-step video tutorial below for visual guidance, or enhance your skillset by downloading our comprehensive manicure instruction booklet.

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Gelcare Manicure Steps for Written Learners. Find Pro Tips and more information on our technique in our booklet.

Download Instructions Booklet

1.  File Off 80% of the Gel

File off 80% of the gel’s surface using the more abrasive side of the Curved Nail File (100). File off the layers of colour down to the base coat, ensuring never to file the natural nail.

2.  Protect Your Cuticles

Before you wrap your nails, apply Cuticle Oil to hydrate the skin around the nails. Cuticle Oil also protects the skin during gel removal and helps the gel lift faster.

3.  Wrap Your Nails

Wrap each nail with a Gel Removal Pad, soaked in Gel Removal Solution, and Aluminum Foil. Make sure that the Gel Removal Pad covers the entire nail plate and that the Aluminum Foil is secure around each finger.

4.  Insert Your Hands Into the Heating Mittens

Slide your wrapped fingers into the heating mitts for 10 to 15 minutes. The Heating Mittens help facilitate lifting and accelerate the gel removal process.

5.  Scrape Off the Gel

Remove the foil and Gel Removal Pads and scrape off the gel with the bladed end of the Gel Removal Tool. If necessary, change the direction of your tool; you can scrape from top to bottom, right to left, left to right, and bottom to top.

If the gel is not lifting, do not force or peel it. This may damage your nail plate. Simply file the gel surface again, rewrap the nail in the Gel Removal Pad and foil, and place hand in the Heating Mittens for a few extra minutes.

6.  Push your Cuticles Back

Apply Cuticle Softener to the cuticles. This enzymatic solution softens the skin around the nails to facilitate a gentler and deeper clean.

Push the cuticle back using the arched end of the Gel Removal Tool. Move the tool, back and forth along the natural arch of the nail to reach the edges of the cuticles. The tool should not be angled too flat or too upright. Ideally, use it at a 45° angle to allow for both comfort and grip.

7.  Double Cleanse Your Cuticles

This step is unique to the Gelcare technique. With the bladed end of your Gel Removal Tool, use small circular motions to dislodge any dry skin stuck under the cuticles. If needed, add more Cuticle Softener to the nails to help loosen the skin further when executing this step. The softener will also help the sharp edge move smoothly on the nail plate.

This extra cleansing step results in better nail preparation, neater gel application and more seamless regrowth.

Once you are done with this step, wipe your nails clean using a Gel Removal Pad soaked with rubbing alcohol/Nail Cleanser.

8.  Buff Your Nails

Buffing not only smoothes the nail surface, it allows for better Base Coat adhesion by creating a subtle texture on the surface of the nails.

Using the Buffing Block, gently buff the nails. Pay special attention to not thin-out the nail plate by over-buffing. Use the corners of the Buffing Block to buff the sides of the nail arch, as well as near the cuticles.

9.  File Your Nails

Using the more abrasive side (100) of the Curved Nail File, we want to file the excess skin on the sides of the nails first, which often causes the gel to lift. To do this, sit file in the crease of the lateral fold and file gently. Apply pressure towards the side of the nail 7and not downwards, which can cause paper cuts.

To file the nail shape, use the softer side of the Curved Nail File (180). Always file your nail tips with the softer side, so you to not damage the keratin layers of your nails.

Once you are satisfied with your shape, finish by gently brushing the tips of your nails using short downward strokes with the softer side of the Curved Nail File (180). This step smoothens the edges and is key for a clean Base Coat application and strong gel retention.

10.  Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water. Using the Nail Scrubber Brush, scrub over and under your nails. Washing your hands also prepares the skin for the next step: cuticle trimming. When the skin is damp, the cuticles soften and become translucent, making them easier to trim.

11.  Trim Your Cuticles

If necessary, trim off excess cuticles with the Cuticle Nipper. Make sure to always look between the blades so you know exactly where you are about to cut. For a clean trim, use the tip of the blades and gently cut the cuticle in one long piece. If cutting your cuticles scares you, skip this step!

12.  Apply the Base Coat

On one nail at a time, apply an even layer of Base Coat and immediately set your application by curing the gel under the LED Lamp for 5 seconds. If you do not set the gel, the application will not be as precise.

Once the base is applied and set on all nails, cure for 60 seconds under the LED Lamp. Ensure you slide your hand all the way into the lamp and that your middle finger reaches the embossed trackpad.

13.  Apply the Colour

Apply 3 thin layers of colour. Cure each layer for 60 seconds under the LED Lamp.

Make sure to work with only a small amount of gel on your brush for a flawless application. Use the sides of the bottleneck to wipe off any excess gel. Start by applying the colour to the centre of the nail. Slide the gel up towards the cuticles without touching them. With long and fluid strokes, glide the gel down the sides of the nail to the tip.

14.  Apply the Top Coat

Apply a layer of Top Coat. Cure for 3 minutes under the LED Lamp.